Time Team, a legacy of wonder

So after 20 years of being on the air, Channel 4’s cancellation of the best archaeological television show; Time Team is beyond baffling, and really rather sad.
In my opinion this revelation heralds bleaker times for factual historical programmes on British television.

The Sunday Tea time slot on Channel 4 (that’s evening meal if you are American) was a perfect time for the archaeology show. We all tuned in to see Tony Robinsons fantastic presenting, and the rest of the teams terrible jumpers (yes, I’m referring to Mick Aston’s multi coloured knitted number). Most of all the fantastic discoveries the hard working team made, and seeing their utter delight at finding a piece of Norman pot. It all made you feel like you were a Time Team member; when little was found you could feel their disappointment and hoped they would find Saxon gold or something.

20 years is a long time for a show to run, especially these days; most shows don’t run past season. So you could say “well to be fair Romeo, they have been going for a while etc” to this I would say yes you are right, they have been going a good while but they have broke boundaries in the name of history, they have changed perceptions, they have made us all wonder what lies beneath our feet. I know there are a few specials planned for 2014 BUT ITS NOT THE SAME!!!! And I know that we can watch the repeats and on 4od or whatever its called but to this I refer you to my former statement.
So join me in raising a glass of mead, to a wonderful British institution that in the hearts of its loyal fans will never die!

(Also a worthy mention to Phil Hardings Hat that I believe has not left his head for 20 years, God bless him)

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