Rituals of a writer

Writers are funny creatures really; I mean this in the kindest sense (of course), we are creatures of habit. This is something I have recently discovered for myself (being an aspiring writer). What do I mean by writers rituals and habits?
A lot writers I know personally, and have read about all have certain things they do when writing their next bestseller. This maybe something as simple as having your desk in front of a window; so when inspiration blocks, you can gaze at the tranquil scenery (or a brick wall). It is also things like listening to a certain genre of music, or having complete silence. One writer I know said, that he would prefer to write in the depths of the Alaska. Others have all types of things going on I.e music and television simultaneously. Stephen King (you all have heard of him right?) Writes about habits/rituals I believe in ‘Misery’ where the main character has an old beaten up satchel in which he carries his finished manuscript, and again in ‘Bag Of Bones’ where at the end of each completed novel the main character and his wife dine on oranges, and drink champagne. It is a subject that fascinates me. Although I have to be honest I have not yet come across some really weird ones like a quick rain dance before writing. Its usually things that writers believe will bring them luck and or success; this could be something like using the same pen you wrote your first novel with or having the novel that influenced you most next to you on the desk. I think you get the idea.
My writing habits are pretty normal (no I do not write in a clown costume, sorry) I usually have a coffee at hand, some music (mostly prog and various types of metal and possibly some other genres and sometimes when I’m struggling with an idea or plot fluency, I may have a cigarette (I do not condone or suggest that you do this, smoking is bad m’kay!) And when I’m really struggling with an idea etc I will take my canine friend for a walk, sometimes I may even talk to the dog about character motivation hoping that he will say “why would an android do that? you silly human!” Alas he does not but just by voicing it out loud you may procure the answer yourself. I digress however, I would love to hear some really odd habits that writers have (nothing unpleasant though like listening to that Bieber chap.) So if you, or anyone else you know that writes; has peculiar writing rituals/habits or even celebrations, do let me know, I would love to hear some.
Till next time insomniacs!

(P.S) one other thing I have noticed is that most writers are very animal orientated. Cats seem to be the species of choice


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