Technology: an art-forms killer?

Technology, aint it grand! When it comes to todays tech stuff, I’m seven scats behind. I’m not one to purchase every new gadget that marketing and advertising tell me I absolutely need and if I don’t purchase it along with a million others I won’t survive etc. I have what I need and I’m happy with that, I personally feel a lot of these must have life improving gadgets are rather superfluous. I can to some extent see the appeal with some products, however I feel that iphones and other things are geared for people that need to be constantly entertained 24 hours a day, and this to me is quite sad.

However, I digress and shall return to my original point. With the rise of all this technology I feel like art-forms are being forsaken. The many e-books/ e-readers available are where my issues lay. Yes, ooo lovely don’t they look flash, and oh wow! they light up and I must have it cos the t.v said so etc etc but at the end of the day you are reading your favourite book from a screen this makes me feel disconnected from an authors work. I don’t find it very comfy reading a book off a screen, don’t get me wrong I read a lot of stuff on screens, blogs mostly but not for one second could I read an 800 page novel on a screen.

Reading is a thing of great comfort and whether it be sprawled out on your sofa, or tucked up in bed with your new book its such a heavenly thing but with a screen, it loses that cozy feel. Yes again I can see the appeal with e-readers they are great for people on the go and its a fantastic demographic for many self published indie authors and great for readers to discover new works. But I can’t help but feel the pure art of a real physical book is being forsaken for a lit screen. Books are very important to me, I love the look of them old and new, the feel of the cover and pages, and of course the cover art; the smell of books is amazing, not to mention when the book is being read whole worlds are laid out for you. in a lot of ways e-readers disconnect us from the beautiful art of books.
To me books are art in its purest form and its something I feel very strongly about. You can’t beat a good physical copy of a book, not only does it look great on your bookshelf but it will last years whereas if anything goes wrong with your e-reader or if you drop it, you have just lost a lot of money and I may be mistaken (I don’t own an e-reader) but you may lose all of your downloaded books.
Stating the obvious a good old fashioned hardback, won’t shatter into a million pieces; so you can save yourself a few bob.

So will it be that technology finally makes such a magnificent art-form extinct? Hopefully not, and as long as we can support our amazing independent book shops and also libraries, then art in its purest form will always have a place on our book shelves and not on a screen.

1 thought on “Technology: an art-forms killer?

  1. Agreed. I do have a Kindle however and I do use it, but in no way shape or form do I prefer it over a physical book. I agree with all your points regarding the benefits of pysical over digital. In fact I’m the same with a music cd. Even though it’s technically a digital medium it’s still physical, something you can hold as is not the case with downloaded music off amazon etc etc to a phone or tablet. I want the pysical booklets that come with cds. But, back to your point regarding books. Books can also be personalised and signed and are far more collectable and are wonderful to pass on to sons and daughters as and when one choses to do so. I sincerely hope that books, especially hardcover books are here to stay.

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