The Rant Of A Cornish Geek!

As some of you know I’m originally from the south-west of the U.K (Cornwall).
I’m a proud Cornishman- yes it has its problems as do most places in the World.
On the whole, its slow pace of life can be a good thing. The phrase that correlates to this is “Dreckly!” Meaning I’ll do it after a long period of time has amassed, or when I feel like it etc. For example
Person a) “Ere boy, do us a tea will ee?”
Person b) “I’ll do un dreckly pard!”

Cornwall on the whole- is a very serene and nice place to live/visit. Its a fantastic place to grow up, and evolve ones creative imagination whether you are a writer/artist/musician etc

Everyone together now… BUT!

One thing bothers me, there are very few Fantasy/Sci fi or geek events!
For example there are seldom book signings by a Fantasy/Sci Fi author/s and there seems to be (as of yet) no established conventions (as far as I’m aware), for fans to gather and hear authors discussions, get their memorabilia signed, and celebrate their favourite pastimes, and if they so feel like it dress up as Fitzchivalry Farseer carrying a toy Wolf named Nighteyes.
The majority of book signings that do occur consist mainly of celebrity chefs, or someone who is predominantly in the public eye and sometimes poetry and anything to do with painting.
There is nothing wrong with this at all, more power to em!

I can’t help but feel we are somewhat left out of the great fan/author events that happen all over the U.K.
The other day a favourite Fantasy/Sci Fi author of mine, announced that he/she was touring the U.K to sign their new book. Immediately I went to see the dates and where they would be. Well they are everywhere in the U.K except… Yep you guessed it… Cornwall! This is such a common occurrence.
Now one might say to me “Maybe that is because there isn’t many Fantasy/Sci Fi fans to ratify doing something of this manner.”
To this I say, (rather loudly) Pish Posh! According to the U.K 2011 census, Cornwall has an estimated gross population of 532,300.
Now you cannot tell me out of that number, there is only a few readers/geeks/fans of Speculative Fiction living in the county, therefore an event such as the ones i have mentioned previously wouldn’t attract the hordes of Cornish Orcs to warrant it being done because I think you would be surprised!
Now I completely understand that you cannot please everyone in this life, and regarding authors they are extremely busy people. Someone somewhere is going to be disappointed when it comes to these matters.
I know most people would say “Travel elsewhere if you’re that bothered!” but this is my point, because its such a famously creative place with legendary stories of King Arthur and Merlin, Tristan and Isolde etc.

Why then is there a lack of conventions/Fantasy and sci fi book signings/ and other similar events? (Don’t even get me started on comic book shops! There used to be a couple of really good independant ones. Now there is ONE! One- in the whole county! Right out in the sticks and over an hours drive!)

I digress

People may say, “Yes Romeo, but we. feel the same in ___(place name here)____” and I would agree with them to a point; I guess a lot of places are in the same boat as Cornwall.
Although I guarantee that a lot more places have these things going on. more frequently than in my own humble county.
Obviously if there have been some of these great events featured down here 1) I apologise, I must be living under a rock
2) They then were not promoted very. well.

During the writing of this post I did come across an event that happened in 2008, in a popular chain of bookshops by a very popular fantasy author.
However this was only done because they lived in the county at the time!
I just think and feel that it would be awesome to have a pure geek event in a fantastical county, a county that I feel should have its roots in fantasy celebrated and not be left out.

Rant over, and apologies if I have offended anyone.

Till next time Insomniacs