Binary by Stephanie Saulter: A Review

First off i apologise for the tardiness of this review i have been experiencing many technological difficulties recently. I hope to sort that out soon.

So, here we are. Binary! 

It is no secret that i adored Stephanie Saulter’s debut and the first book in the (R)evolution series it was, without a doubt, one of my favourite reads of 2013. 

I couldnt wait to read Binary, and by jove, i was not disappointed. 

The gems are being slowly integrated into society, however this is not proving a smooth transition and the trials and tribulations that face them seem all too many. One of these is the problems with childbirth which unfortunately the much distrusted gem-techs hold the key to. 

Meanwhile, there has been genestock that has been stolen from a secure government quarantine facility. The obvious questions arise, who, what, why? This is left to the key investigative techniques of Detective Sharon Varsi.

Enter one of my favourite villains, Zavcka Klist who is the head of gemtech, Bel-Natur, has made a visible effort in trying to reinvent herself and seems to be all for the gems. At least, thats how she is trying to go about it. And in doing this she is changing the face of Bel-Natur by developing new information technology. And of course she finds herself needing the help of the Gems. 

On the opposite side of this, Aryel Morningstar has found herself to be a bit of a celebrity. Not only in the gem world but also to the rest of the population. Aryel is somewhat suspicious of Zavcka’s new motivations and when the opportunity arises she manages to get Dr. Eli Walker and Callan to accompany Zavcka’s new employee (the rather talented Herran who can literally speak to computers and is the best of the best) to get into the inner sanctum of Zavcka’s new, and supposedly, un-shady rebranding.

Aryel’s history is slowly uncovered in Binary and for those who have read Gemsigns you will understand that there is a lot to uncover and plenty to keep you on the edge of your seat. And more to this is the history of Zavcka which adds a lot more to the chapters that run in present day.

Stephanie Saulter has once again triumphed in a terrific, un-put-downable, novel with plenty to keep the reader guessing and desperate to find out the truth behind the mystery. There is everything you could possibly want from a SF/Thriller, love, action, peril, and a massive conspiracy. Saulter has drawn massive parallels between Aryel and Zavcka which could be seen in Gemsigns, and in Binary those parallels are even more emphasised along with the subject of remorse which i found to be a very recurring and strong theme.

If Gemsigns was my favourite for 2013, then Binary is one of my favourites of 2014. Oh yes i know the year is far from over, but i do not say it unless i mean it. I really do urge anyone to pick up and read Gemsigns and Binary.

I shall now sit by a calendar and mark off the days until the third book is released.

marvellous stuff!


Binary is out now from Jo Fletcher books.




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