Mage’s Blood by David Hair (Moontide Quartet book one): Review

I do like a nice intricately woven tome now and again. I had heard a lot about this series from Steph (Aka Mogsy) who is one of the reviewers from the wonderful Bibliosanctum .

So when I finished it, my wife asks me if I had enjoyed it? My reply was full of mumbles until i finally said, “I didnt hate it.”

It was only when I let the contents of the story swim around my mind, thinking more on its finer points, did i decide that actually I had just read something that was pretty bloody special. And I stand by this.

So the basis of the story is the lands of Antiopia and Yuros are separated by what appears to be a rather large ocean. Something pretty cool happens each Moontide when the Leviathan bridge rises from the depths to connect to both of these places for trade etc. But  as with all things there are those that are not very happy and the bridge has been used for conquest. So tensions are slightly at breaking point as another Moontide is around the corner. War is at hand.

Amongst all this the story focuses on several different characters and their own trials and tribulations on the build up to Moontide. Antonin Meiros, who is a very old mage is looking for a wife, so he travels to Lakh in Antiopia where we meet his wife-to-be, Ramita but my dear friends, she is already betrothed to Kazim. And then in the North the reader meets Elena Anborn who is the bodyguard of a royal family but yet much more than just a bodyguard. And then we meet Alaron Mercer who is about to take his final exams to lawfully become a Mage in Noros. Alaron is Elena Anborn’s nephew (its worth mentioning that Alaron’s mother and Elena’s sister has a pretty cool name … Tesla. Just thought I would mention that.) And finally one of the stories main antagonists is Gurvon Gyle who seems to be in control of a lot of things and makes life very difficult for Elena and the Javon  royal family, which in turn effects everything else.

This book has been likened to A Game Of Thrones and even though I can see that link I think this is a book that deserves to be read without any preconceived ideas of GoT. As I have mentioned everything is connected and even with things that dont seem to be integral to the storys’ plot, it turns out they very much are. So In this I really applaud the attention to detail that the author has shown. I felt at times this book had elements of grimdark but it was done in a way of emphasis and not in a gratuitous manner, also, I give this book the award for “Sex-scene-that-will-put-you-off-your-dinner.”

The ending of this novel is a proper “Wow!” moment, and rather unforgettable. It really left things nicely for The Scarlet Tides to carry on with.  A smooth but powerful ending.

So if someone were to ask me if I enjoyed Mages Blood now? I would tell them that I certainly did enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone who loves Fantasy. And thats my truth.

You can find out more about the author here

Mages Blood is available now from Jo Fletcher Books 28118-mage27sblood

11 thoughts on “Mage’s Blood by David Hair (Moontide Quartet book one): Review

  1. Well awkward sex scenes show up more than once, so that doesn’t change through the series. I found the first book pretty good but hated the ‘school’ sequences that felt so out of place in a more adult setting. Next two drop that and are better for it.

    But ya, comparing everything epic to ASOIAF is the IT thing these days, rarely does it actually make sense.

    • The Broken Empire was compared to ASOIAF and there was another one but i cant remember what that one was and if any but yes its getting a bit tiresome now. I get that its more a marketing angle than anything but sometimes it seems to filter in preconceived ideas of what the book should or shouldnt be. Also yes, the school stuff was a bit whaaa? at times but that change of tone was kinda nice.

  2. Sounds great!
    And, yes, I’m pretty sick of comparisons to GoTs – not to mention other books! It either makes you feel resentful or you go into the read with a bunch of expectations that are likely to fall flat!
    Lynn 😀

  3. Oh gosh, you had me nervous for a sec there, I honestly didn’t think you liked the book. You’re right though, it’s one of those kinds of books. I wasn’t sure how much I liked it either as I was reading. It was a bit slow to take off, and it wasn’t until the ending that I was like, wow, there’s something really special here. I needed time for everything I read to settle. Anyway, I hope book two will be a more immediate hit with you. I know it was for me. Scarlet Tides puts you right in the action!

    • That sounds awesome. Yes it really was one to sit down and process. I sat down with pen and paper to make notes and after an hour (and a few scribbles of nothing.) I am glad I took a little more time to process its finer points.

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