Regeneration by Stephanie Saulter: Review


This review has taken me a while to write.
There are so many reasons for this, so let me tell you why.

Way back in 2013 I won a copy of Gemsigns (The first book in the ®evolution series) and adored it, I practically recommended it to anyone I could, and still do. Stephanie has been a big influence on myself, and my writing.

Gemsigns, Binary were fantastic books, so without hesitation I was excited about what the third and final installment would bring.
And I was not disappointed.

Regeneration, is everything that made me adore the Gemsigns and Binary, but so much more.
Would you like to read the synopsis?
Of course you would …

The gillungs – genetically modified, water-breathing humans – are thriving. They’ve pioneered new aquatic industries, and their high-efficiency quantum-battery technology looks set to revolutionize the energy industry. But as demand grows, so does fear of what their newfound power might mean.

Then a biohazard scare at Sinkat, their London headquarters, fuels mind-blowing on  and threatens to derail the gillungs’ progress. Was it an accident born of overconfidence, or was it sabotage?

Detective Superintendent Sharon Varsi has her suspicions, and Gabriel sees parallels in the propaganda war he’s trying to manage: politicians and big business have stakes in this game too. And now there is a new threat: Zavcka Klist has been freed from prison. With powerful new followers and nothing to lose, it looks like she’s out to reclaim everything they took from her.

Regeneration takes place some years after the somewhat mind-blowing events in Binary.
Seeing the return of Gabriel and his family after the events in Gemsigns, felt like greeting family that you haven’t seen for a long time but also feeling as if they had never left.
What made Regeneration special for me is that family element. It shows that these people are willing to do all that they can to help each other out in the most precarious of situations, even though a lot of them are not even blood-relatives.
Each of the wonderful cast of characters is a symbol of a strong and loving community just trying to live their lives, that before were not there own to live.

So many parallels can be drawn from Stephanie’s ®evolution series. Many topics of discussion can be had from Regeneration alone, as there is a lot going on. Each persons’ interpretation will be different, of course, which adds something quite special.

I say this in most of my reviews but I do not want to spoil this series for anyone, and for good reason as it’s a truly wonderful read.

So why did I find this review hard to write?
Because I feel like I really did wave goodbye to the gems. From book one, I felt like I was a part of their story; they were my family.
I finished the book and cried that this fabulous series was over as all things must be at some point, I know.
But at the same time I felt, and still feel that Regeneration couldn’t have ended better. A perfect ending to a very special series.
If you look at the blurbs on the back of the book there is one that reads so true and although it is referring to Gemsigns, it can be said for the whole series.

“Some books are good, some books are even great. This one is important!” – SF Signal

And now if you will excuse me, my eyes are leaking.

Regeneration is out now via Jo Fletcher Books (
Buy it, read it, love it.

Stephanie Saulter can be found on Twitter @scriptopus and her website is

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