The Moustached Mans Reading Plans.

This might be a new feature on the blog or it might just be a whimsical flash in the pan (Oh the suspense.)
Sometimes there are a lot of books that I read that I dont actually get around to reviewing, these are mainly competition wins or books that have been sitting on my shelf and on Mount-to-be-read, which seems to grow constantly.

So this is what I have been reading lately and what I am reading now:

Extinction Game by Gary Gibson – published by Tor Uk
Extinction-Game Parallel apocalyptic worlds, some awesome twists and turns. Extinction Game is fast paced enjoyable SF read.

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor – published by Penguin Books
9780140371741H Not an SFF novel but a heartbreaking tale of racism, family life in the American Depression, and standing up for your rights.

Dune by Frank Herbert published as part of the SF Masterworks series by Gollancz
isbn9780575081505-detail I am finally reading Dune and It really is a wonder why I havent read it before it has everything that I love in SFF.

And thats that for the minute. Soon I shall be planning to read the Honorverse books by David Weber et al and probably a re-read of The Iron Elves by Chris Evans